Atlantic Cf36b 36" Colorfalls

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Atlantic colorfalls are the first lighted weir made for water features. They are the perfect fit for pond-less applications and retaining walls. Colorfalls add waterfalls with shimmering shades of white, blue or red hues and are a perfect way of beautifying your water feature. At Everything Koi, we offer a wide range of colorfalls including the Atlantic CF36B 36” Colorfalls.

Key Features of Atlantic CF36B 36” Colorfalls

Colorfalls are only meant to be used in pond-free water features and should only be used in treated water. Listed down below are some of the key features of the Atlantic CF36B 36” Colorfalls:

  • 5” lip extension
  • Colorfalls cannot pass solids – water should be filtered
  • 30 foot long power cord with transformers for the LED and 12 volt LED lights
  • It has 3000gph flow rate
  • 36” weir spillway / opening
  • Light strip features 30 ft. power cord and outdoor transformer
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Backlit with a white, blue or red LED light strip
  • The 36” colorfalls comes in 4 different colors; ice blue, fire red, SOL white and crystal white

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