Atlantic Eco-rise Fountain Base - 20" X 3"

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Bog and basin equipment give support to decorative items in your pond. You need these items in order to bring out the aesthetic appeal of your pond while also making sure that the healthy environment for your koi is maintained at all times. Here at Everything Koi, we offer just the right products to fulfill those tasks. One of which is the Atlantic Eco-Rise Fountain Base.

Key Features Of Atlantic Eco-Rise Fountain Base - 20" x 3"

The Atlantic Eco-Rise Fountain Base is an innovative solution to the lighting and plumbing ports in your Eco-Blox reservoirs. This helps the Eco-Rise System when solving splash and weight limitations for fountain basins that were traditionally molded by their makers. Among the features of the Eco-Rise Fountain Base are:

  • Allows the Installation of Additional Pump Vaults
  • Supports ¾ to 1 ½" of Plumbing Size
  • Supports up to 3,000 Pounds of Weight
  • Measures 20" in Width and Length and 3" in Height
  • … and more!

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