Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

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Creating pondless waterfalls in tighter areas is made possible by using a pump vault extension. This added feature in the garden allows provision of deeper basin sizes in your hardscape. At Everything Koi, we are selling products like the Atlantic Pump Vault Extension at very affordable prices so that you can enjoy a new feature that adds value to your property.

Key Features Of Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

With the Atlantic Pump Vault Extension, it is never impossible to create a beautiful hardscape in a garden that is pondless or pondfree. Your waterfalls can be designed with much ease, with the basin size allowing cultivation of deeper surfaces. Here are specific features to love about this product:

  • Discharge Starts from 2" and 3" Cut Lines
  • Available at Different Extension Sizes
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes with Instruction Manual
  • … and more!

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Everything Koi does not merely assure that you have a healthy pond environment in your garden. Via bog and basin equipment products like the Atlantic Vault Extension, you can now easily enjoy your hardscape, without necessarily building a pond in your backyard. You can enjoy the same relaxation that a pond brings with a waterfalls built on the space. Grab the opportunity of shopping with us. We offer these pieces of equipment at affordable prices without compromising your peace of mind during the entire shopping experience.

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