Atlantic Pump Vault

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High volume pump vaults are made to accommodate larger pumps and flow rates for ponds and hardscape features in your garden. Products like the Atlantic Pump Vault comes in different models and sizes that will fulfill these needs. Get to know this product better as you shop with us here at Everything Koi.

Key Features Of Atlantic Pump Vault

The Atlantic Pump Vault comes from the Atlantic Water Gardens Series of the brand. It provides a wide range of high-volume pumping capabilities for your space. With versatile top and bottom panels, you can easily customize this vault for several plumbing applications. Here are some of its notable features:

  • 2" to 3" Cut Lines on the Top Panels
  • 4" and 6" Cut Lines for the Bottom Panels
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Lid
  • Molded Rotationally for Extra Strength
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Accommodates up to 15,000 GPH of Flow Rate
  • Large Opening For Better Pump and Plumbing Access
  • … and more!

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