Atlantic Replacement Filter Mat

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For a pond to sustain a healthy environment for koi, a pond owner needs to invest in an effective filtration system. Atlantic replacement filter mats are designed to offer both mechanical and biological filtration. The best characteristic about these filter mats is that they are able to not only filter waste, but allow free flow of water to prevent clogging. They are also able to allow the accumulation and growth of beneficial bacteria. Contact Everything Koi to order for Atlantic replacement filter mats at competitive prices.

Key Features Of Atlantic Replacement Filter Mat

  • Easy To Install And Maintain
  • Helps Keep Your Pond Water Clear
  • Contains Replacement Foam Filter Rings
  • Provide Complete Mechanical Filtration, Trapping Dirt And Debris
  • Back Flushed More Effectively Than Standard Filter Mats
  • Increased Surface Area
  • Reduce Channeling
  • … and more!

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For years, Everything Koi has been the leader in innovative pond products. We not only supply healthy Japanese koi, fish and plant care products, and pond equipment, but we also specialize in helping our customers with planning and designing their ponds. If you are looking for Atlantic replacement filter mats or any component on your filtration system and pump, you will find everything you need from us. To order from us, simply peruse our online catalog for the product you need, place your order and we will deliver it you.

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