Atlantic Typhoon Pond Dye


Atlantic Typhoon Pond Dye

Do you hate the unslightly green that is in your lake? Atlantic Typhoon Pond Dyer can change that! It is a pond safe dye that can tint your water either blue or black. This product is highly concentrated so it is used more for large bodies of water.  For any other pond help, look no further than Everything Koi.

Application Rates For Atlantic Typhoon Pond Dye

  • For the TPWDBLU2 and TPWDBLK2, 1 packet per acre foot
  • For the TPWDBLU4 and TPWDBLK4, 1 packet per acre foot
  • For the TPWDBLUG and TPWDBLKG, 1/4 gallon per acre foot

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