Atlantic Ultra Pond Net

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Keeping the pond clean and the fish safe are the top priorities in maintaining a great pond. The best way to do this is to cover the pond without destroying the view. The Atlantic Pond Cover Netting is a durable and effective solution. It can be purchased at Everything Koi at the most competitive rates. Pond cover netting can give enough protection while still being able to maintain a great view of the pond.

Key Features Of Atlantic Pond Cover Netting

Wind-blown debris can accumulate below the pond water. Organic matters, like leaves, will decompose and make the water look dirty. The Atlantic Pond Cover Netting prevents leaves and other debris from fouling the water. It can be stretched tightly over the water to keep the leaves out. Other impressive product features are:

  • Durable and UV-resistant poly-netting
  • ½" x ½" openings protect against smaller windblown debris
  • Comes in 4 pre-cut sizes to fit most water feature designs
  • Easy to Install
  • UV-resistant net stakes included
  • Requires Less Maintenance
  • … and more!

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