Blue Heron Stop - Ved010

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Coming in at approximately eight pounds and 4.5 feet tall, the Great Blue Heron is the largest of its kind in North America. This bird likes to roost and hunt along the coastline, lakes, estuaries, and ponds. Unfortunately, they have managed to find their way right into the backyards of homeowners, wreaking havoc on their precious koi ponds and water gardens. If you are looking to get a blue heron deterrent, look no further than Everything Koi. We offer stellar products such as the Blue Heron Stop - VED010.

Key Features Of Blue Heron Stop - VED010

Herons are known to land beside people's ponds. By installing a deterrent around the pond, the heron will not be able to get to your precious koi and will move to another target location. Below is a quick look at the product's key features:

  • Very Easy to Install
  • Comes With 25-Meter Nylon Line
  • Plastic Stakes and Small Bells Included
  • Provides Protection for Ponds Up To 12 Meters in Circumference
  • Also Effective at Keeping Cats and Other Predators Out
  • … and more!

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