Atlantic Control Module For Color Changing Colorfalls

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If you are consider adding light and water to your landscape, you will not be disappointed with what Atlantic has to offer. Their color changing colorfalls are modular sheer descent systems that offer multiple light and configuration options. If you are looking to get spare parts to maintain your illuminated landscape, look no further than Everything Koi. We carry Atlantic control modules for color changing colorfalls.

Key Features of Atlantic Control Module for Color Changing Colorfalls

Colorfalls manufactured by Atlantic Water Gardens are a great addition to pond-free applications and formal retaining walls. They add a breathtaking dimension to a water feature. Imagine this – waterfalls with shimmering details in blue, red, or white hues.

  • Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC
  • Output Voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Includes Transformer
  • Comes With Warranty
  • Can Be Used With Basin Kits And Formal Spillway Basins
  • Includes One Five-Way Splitters
  • Weather Resistant Quick-Connect Plugs
  • Extremely Easy To Install
  • Connects And Synchronizes Multiple Color Changing Colorfalls
  • … and more!

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Looking for spare parts to keep your colorfalls looking great both day and night? Everything Koi has the perfect solution for you! We carry a variety of cascade and spillway accessories, Atlantic control module for color changing colorfalls included. An advantage of purchasing these products from us is that they are competitively priced.

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