Atlantic Fountain Basins

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Fountain basins are made to support decorative water features in your pond while also providing concealed water support to it. These actually come in single pieces of construction that assures exceptional strength. At Everything Koi, we are offering fountain basins from Atlantic Water Gardens, an example of which is the Atlantic Hardscape / Fountain Basin.

Key Features Of Atlantic Hardscape / Fountain Basin

The Atlantic Fountain Basin is one tough basin ready to provide support to your hardscape features. It has molded cones that provide support to the top panel. You can also get the optional flat panel for auto fill installation. Here is a list of other features you get with this product:

  • Recessed Pockets to Adjust Water Flow
  • 1 ½" Conduit for Easier Installation
  • Built-In Channels
  • Top Flow Adjustment
  • Multiple Internal Supports
  • … and more!

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Everything Koi believes that hardscapes are important to every pond. They strengthen the environment while also assuring that your koi and other fish species are living in a healthier place. With bog and basin equipment like the Atlantic Eco-Rise Fountain Base, taking care of your pond is now easier than before. You get to enjoy this at very competitive rates here in our shop. We can assist you through the entire shopping process while assuring that your online purchases are safe at all times.

Browse through our inventory now and source for Atlantic Eco-Rise Fountain Base with ease. If you need more technical information on this product, don't hesitate to call us at (908) 420-9908.