Atlantic Splash Ring

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Splash rings are amazing products that can help pond owners reduce evaporation and control the splash from their colorfalls. These rings are designed to diffuse droplets into smaller pieces, especially in places where controlling or preventing water loss is crucial. There are so many ways to use splash rings. For example, you can flip them over to keep stones in place, which also hides the rings. Alternatively, you can remove portions of the black splash mat, under the ring, to amplify the soothing sounds of your waterfalls.

Key Features of an Atlantic Splash Ring

You can expect splash rings, which are made by Atlantic Water Gardens, to provide exceptional performance and reliability. Some of the key features of the Atlantic Splash Ring include:

  • Comes In Different Sizes: 12", 24", and 36"
  • Copper Finish
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Can Be Installed In Small Recirculating Systems
  • Prolong Time Between Fill Ups
  • Help To Reduce Evaporation
  • Eliminates Splash
  • Can Serve As An Architectural Accent To Colorfalls
  • … and more!

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