Dwi Enviro Clear F20

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Pond owners know how tough it is to change murky water into a clean one. The struggle is real when it comes to such situations. The good news is there are lake water treatments that reduce the job into one-tenth or even less than the total time. An example of a product that is proven to work in clearing murky water in a matter of minutes is the DWI Enviro Clear F20.

Key Features Of DWI Enviro Clear F20

DWI's Enviro Clear F20 is a biodegradable product that aims at effectively flocculating and coagulating different types of solids that have suspended into pond water. With that particular action, it can easily transform dirty, murky water into a crystal, clear one. Here are features to expect from this product:

  • Drops Mud Easily
  • Immediately Suspends Slit
  • Allows Adjustable Degree for Water Clarity
  • Long Lasting Treatment
  • One Gallon is Great for Treating up to 325,000 Gallons of Water
  • … and more!

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