Acurel Media Pad - Fits All 12" X 12" Danner Pond Filters

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Acurel Media Pad - Fits All 12' x 12' Danner Pond Filters

It is easy to describe the Acurel Media Pad Koi Pond Filter. First off, they offer great value for money. Secondly, they are easy to use. But over and beyond these perks lies so many other features that make them unique. Think of the Acurel Media Pad Danner Pond Filter as a coarse carbon infused pad designed to resist filter clogging.

Key Features Of Acurel Media Pad – Fits All 12’ x 12’ Danner Pond Filters

Acurel Media Pad’s design stands out as a key feature. It ensures that pollutants do not get a chance to thrive. This means your koi get a safer, healthier aquatic environment to live in. Weighing just 1.6 ounces, the filter is light enough not to disturb aquatic life. It will also give you more options for filtering your freshwater aquarium. You can also use Acurel Media Pad Pond Filters for extra carbon filtration in case you have filters that use cartridges. Other features include:

  • Improves Koi Health
  • Resists Filter Clogging
  • Think, Rigid And Strong Design
  • Affordable
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Reduces Pollutants
  • ... and more!

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