Quartz Sleeve CUV-118

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CUV-118 Quartz Sleeve

Evolution Aqua manufactures stellar filtration systems that help maintain a koi pond's environment. By eliminating biological waste and mechanical waste from the pond, various different systems, including the EazyPod Complete system, will be able to function without issues. The EazyPod Complete system is equipped with an 18-Watt UVC, which is located inside the inlet section. In order for this to work, it depends on parts like the Quartz Sleeve CUV-118. At Everything Koi, you can purchase this quartz sleeve at the most competitive rates.

Key Features Of Quartz Sleeve CUV-118

The Quartz Sleeve CUV-118 is part of the CUV-118 Plug. Together with the 18-watt PLL bulb, and the UV ballast, it is needed for specific EazyPod models to work properly. This product comes with the following features:

  • Ideal for EazyPod Complete and EazyPod Automatic Systems
  • Can be Easily Installed
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Can Be Replaced without Replacing Other Parts in the Plug
  • … and more!

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