Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinators

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Koi ponds add aesthetic value to many homes and commercial properties. It is important to keep the koi environment healthy in order to keep it attractive to those who get to see it. You will be able to do that with the help of filters like the Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinators. Adding this will eliminate the use of liquid dechlorinators all together!

Key Features Of Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinators

  • No Messy Replacement of Filters
  • Guarantees 100% Safety For Your Fish Species
  • Ideal for Use for First Fills
  • 12 inch will treat 59,439 U.S. Gallons
  • 30 in will treat 146,615 U.S. Gallons
  • Recommended flow rate: 60 gallons per hour
  • and more!!!

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Filters from Everything Koi guarantee that you will get the clean water that you need for a safe and healthy pond. With a wide range of products on offer from Evolution Aqua, you will also find the Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinators. We are selling these dechlorinator carbon inline filters at the most competitive rates. Want to know more about theEvolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinators and how it can improve your pond's condition?

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