Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Filters

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Eazy Pod Filter Systems

Ponds with filter systems provide koi and other aquatic pets with a healthier environment for them to live in. With new technologies being introduced in the industry, many pond owners have seen how essential these systems are. If you are looking to get Easy Pod filters, look no further than Everything Koi.

Key Features Of Eazy Pod

Taking the next big leap in pond filters is Evolution Aqua's Eazy Pod range of products. They come in different variations including the Eazy Pod Air and the Eazy Pod Complete. The Eazy Pod basically has a central chamber which can contain up to 30 liters of K1 media. Its other features include:

  • Combines Biological and Mechanical Filter in One System
  • Comes with a Perforated Metal Screen
  • Can Maximize Flow Rate Up to 2,640 Gallons Per Hour
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintains Clear Water Efficiently
  • … and more!

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