Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic System for Gravity Set Up

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All new Nexus Automatic System

Continuing Evolution Aqua’s long standing reputation for innovation, the Nexus Automatic System now enables Nexus owners to benefit from a fully automated cleaning cycle on their multi award winning Nexus filtration systems. Physically turning ball valves and manually switching pumps on and off will now be a thing of the past thanks to the Nexus Automatic System. All of the key processes that form the cleaning cycle are now controlled automatically with this easy to install kit.

Key Features Nexus Automatic System

  •  Hassle free way to clean Nexus filtration systems
  •  Automates the cleaning process of the Nexus
  •  Easily fits onto Nexus filters (post 2006 models)
  •  Electronic control box automatically operates valves and pumps
  •  Adjustable timer controls the frequency of the automatic cleaning cycle to suit the user’s needs
  •  Easy to set up for multiple cleaning cycles
  •  Manual cleaning cycle can be carried out if needed, at the touch of a button
  •  GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions available

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