ProfiDrum Stainless 75e

ProfiDrum Stainless 75e
ProfiDrum Stainless
The ProfiDrum Stainless series is fully developed and constructed in Stainless Steel 316, for both static and moving parts. This is the most durable version of the ProfiDrum and is the best choice for demanding users. Inlets and outlets are sufficiently dimensioned to top your desired flow. The filters are covered with industrial filter panels with a woven stainless steel mesh of 70 microns. 

The ProfiDrum Stainless-series includes a control box and high-pressure pump for an effective and efficient cleaning cycle.

ProfiDrum Stainless 75e Specifications

Filtration Specs

Max Flow Rate (GPH): 26,400

Drum Size (Diameter x Length): 29.6" x 31.5"

Static Water Level: 28"


Case Length: 50"

Case Width: 36.5"

Case Height: 32.5"

Height with Standard Cover: 37.5"


Inputs: 5

Input Size: 4"

Outputs: 4

Output Size: 4"

Waste Output Size: 4"