API Melafix

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API Melafix

API Melafix is an all natural antibacterial pond treatment to help keep your koi and goldfish healthy. This treatment helps with most bacterial infections, fin rot, open wounds, and more! This product is safe for all living things in your pond. Using API Pond Melafix, there is no need to shut down your filter!


  • New problems 1 teaspoon for 50 Gallons
  • Advanced probems 2 teaspoons for 50 Gallons
  • Dose for 7 days
  • If problem persists you may continue treatment 

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Kepping your pond fish healthy can be a battle sometimes. Use API Melafix to keep them healthy! At Everything Koi, we have the API Melafix for this purpose. Since our inception, we are offering products that can improve pond and garden conditions. The latest SSL encryption technology we use on our website guarantees a seamless and safe checkout.

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