Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate 1 LB

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Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate

Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate reduces all strains of deadly ulcer causing bacteria in your pond! These bacteria live in your pond with your fish and eventually can cause deadly problems. Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate has hungry benecficial bacteria that eat the same food as the bad bacteria. This starves the bad bacteria and kills them off.  

Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate Dosage

  • First Dose- 1 Tbsp. (scoop) once a day for 3 days, then 1 Tbsp. (scoop) once a day each week for 2 weeks
  • Maintanence Dose- 1 Tbsp. (scoop) once every other week
  • For ponds 5000 Gallons or more- Double scoop for first dose

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Deadly bacteria is in most pond water that over time can hurt or even kill your fish. Try Aqua Meds MedZyme Dry Concentrate and see what a difference it can make! At Everything Koi, we have the Aqua Meds Aqua MedZyme Liquid for this purpose. Since our inception, we are offering products that can improve pond and garden conditions. The latest SSL encryption technology we use on our website guarantees a seamless and safe checkout.

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