Microbe-Lift Ich-out - 16 Oz

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Microbe-Lift Ich-Out - 16 oz

Parasitic diseases are the most dreaded diseases on fish species. This can limit the life of the fish while also curtailing the supposed healthy pond environment that it lives in. With fish care products coming from Everything Koi, you never have to worry about this problem. We offer a wide range of products serving this purpose, including the Microbe-Lift Ich-Out - 16 oz.

Key Features Of Microbe-Lift Ich-Out - 16 oz

The Microbe-Lift Ich-Out, which is available in 16 ounces, is a product that will relieve your fish from itch and parasitic diseases. This can help reduce the chances of developing secondary infections. Other features for this product are:

  • Effective Topical Treatment of Chilodonella, Trichodina, and Ich
  • Combines the Most Preferred Anti-Parasitic Ingredients
  • Does Not Burn
  • Ideal For All Types of Ponds, Aquatic Life, and Aquarium Fish
  • 16-oz Can Treat Up to 1400 Gallons of Water
  • … and more!

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Everything Koi offers a wide array of fish care products that are manufactured from the most popular names in the industry. Our products are priced very competitively to give our valued customers the best possible deals. We also provide prompt customer services support for all of the products that we have in stock, including the 16 oz Microbe-Lift Ich-Out.

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