Microbe-Lift Pond Salt Crystals

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Microbe-Lift Pond Salt Crystals

Microbe-Lift Pond Salt Crystals or Mlps 35 as it is also known, has proven over time to be more than effective in the reduction of parasitic infestation in the pond, as well as maintain a healthy pond ecosystem. At Everything Koi, we pride ourselves in providing effective solutions for all of your aquatic needs. This is why we insist on the Microbe-Lift Salt Crystals because of its numerous advantages to ponds and fishes at large. Listed among the pros is its ability to initiate the production of a thicker slimy coat around the fish’s skin, thus helping to improve the fish’s immune system and reduce any form of stress.

Micro-Lift Pond Salt Crystals can be harmful to plant and fishes if it is not used according to the various dosages or sizes that they come in. Which is why at Everything Koi, we advise on the use of a hydrometer so as to avoid any aquatic life mortality. Also one has to ensure that they remove any zeolite product before introducing the Micro-Lift Pond Salt Crystals. Fish and the ecosystem around it can be very sensitive when it comes to chemicals. This is why it is very important to first consult with specialists before introducing any drastic measures.

Key Features Of Microbe-Lift Pond Salt Crystals

  • Blocks The Toxic Effects Of Nitrite
  • Enhances A Stronger Immune System For Fish
  • It Is Phosphate And Nitrate Free
  • Boosts A Healthier Pond Environment
  • Reduces The Threat Of Various Parasitic Diseases In Ponds
  • Does Not Contain Any Additives
  • Can Protect Fish During Cold Winter Periods
  • It Has Both Therapeutic And Restorative Effects On Fishes
  • … and more!

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