Atlantic 20' Sol Led Extension Cord

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If your LED lighting system is set up somewhat far away from the power source, you need not worry. The Atlantic 20' SOL LED extension cord will solve the problem by adding a whopping 20 feet to your LED lighting. This ensures that even power sources that are a distance away can be reached, thanks to this versatile LED extension cord. You will find the 20' SOL LED extension cable at an excellent price when you shop at Everything Koi

Key Features Of Atlantic 20' SOL LED Extension Cord

The Atlantic 20' SOL LED extension cord adds 20 feet to your power cable ensuring greater flexibility with your power source. Here are some of the other features of this amazing product.

  • 12V 2 pin – one male and female
  • Works with LED lights with 2 pins
  • 20 feet in length
  • …… and many more!

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