Aqua Meds Extract of Barley

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Aqua Meds Extract of Barley

An unhealthy pond enviorment can make your koi grow slow. You will need the right pond supplies to promote a healthy pond condition. With the Aqua Meds Extract of Barley, you will have an effective solution to keep the pond water clear, clean, and be able to keep a thriving environment for your beloved koi. Everything Koi offers this environmentally responsible and cost-efficient product. Now you can have an easy, affordable, and organic approach to a healthier pond!

Key Features of Aqua Meds Extract of Barley

  • Naturally clarifys Pond Water
  • Reduces toxic levels in pond
  • No Messy Residue
  • Safe For Fish And Aquatic Plants
  • 8 oz Of Product Can Treat 500 Gallons
  • Safe To Use All Year Round

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