Atlantic ClarityBlast Combination Pond Cleaner

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Atlantic Clarity Blast Combination Pond Cleaner

Atlantic Clarity Blast Combination Pond Cleaner is a blended powder of enzymes and bacteria to help reduce the amount of sludge in the bottom of your pond and also helps detached organics from the side of your pond. It can be used in streams, waterfalls, and ponds! If your filter has trouble keeping your pond clean then try Atlantic Clarity Blast Combination Pond Cleaner. For any other pond help, look no further than Everything Koi.

Key Features Of Atlantic Clarity Blast Combination Pond Cleaner

  • Keeps pond water and hard surfaces clean and free of debris
  • Use as directed to remove algae stains and attached organics
  • Handles may pond and stream maintenance tasks
  • Application- 1 scoop per 1,000 gallons a week
  • If problem persists than it can be added twice per week
  • Use a brush to clean off the debris
  • Make sure your pond's pH is between 6.5-8.5 for best results

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