Microbe-Lift Lice & Anchor Worm Treatment

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Microbe-Lift Lice & Anchor Worm

A wide range of diseases can affect your fish. Some are parasitic in nature while others can be caused by some form of bacteria. Lice and anchor worm are also common culprits of fish diseases. In order to control the occurrence of diseases from lice and anchor worm, you can use a product like Microbe-Lift Lice & Anchor Worm.

Key Features Of Microbe-Lift Lice & Anchor Worm

"Lice & Anchor Worm" is one of the three Microbe-Lift products made to promote better fish health while protecting your aquatic pets from diseases. Specifically designed to attack lice and anchor worms, this product can be used on scale-less fish. Other key features of this product include:

  • Does Not Damage Biological Filtration
  • Can Be Used in Water Temperatures of at Least 40 Degrees Celsius
  • Safe For Reptiles, Mollusks, Amphibians, and Ornamental Fish
  • Do Not Use Where Crustaceans are Cultured
  • … and more!

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