OASE AquaOxy Set


Does your pond lack aeration? Are you fish gasping for air? The OASE AquaOxy Set is perfect for small to medium sized ponds! Provide aeration through any season!

Key Features of OASE AquaOxy Set

AquaOxy Set is a quiet, energy efficient air injector pump that safely and efficiently increases oxygen levels in the pond.

  • AquaOxy Sets are quiet, energy efficient air injector pumps that safely and efficiently increase oxygen levels in the pond.
  • AquaOxy Sets can be used with BioSmart Filters 5000/10000 for added aeration to increase filter efficiency.
  • Rated for outdoor use, no additional protection from the elements needed.
  • Lightweight, easy handling, and flexible placement thanks to long hose length.
  • Included air stones ensure high volume, uniform dissipation of oxygen into the water through newly design air guidance channels.
  • AquaOxy Set 55 and 120 include air stones, hose, and 2 replacement diaphragms
  • AquaOxy Set 240 includes air stones, hose, 2 replacement diaphragms, and a Y-distributor
  • Included 2 year warranty

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