OASE BioTec ScreenMatic²

  • The successful high-performance multi-zone filter for koi and larger pond - completely redesigned.

  • The BioTec ScreenMatic² has a double-sealed motor and a reinforced screen for an extended service life.

  • The new foam design and optimized water level control ensure longer filter service life, improved filtration, and reduced maintenance.

  • Intelligent cleaning sensors detect the pollutant level and automatically activate the screen.

  • An active LED display shows the required cleaning measures. Manual belt run is now possible via a push button.

  • Optimized water distributor ensure an ideal water flow over a broad range of pumps, with no clogging.

  • Sludge basket completely redesigned for greater volume and greater convenience in handling, with built-in overflow holes.

  • New, innovative design reduces contamination by preventing water from leaking back into the filter chamber.

  • Rubberized separator lip removes debris from screen and drops the debris into the sludge basket.

  • Includes a brush for easy cleaning of the belt filter.

  • Features storm-safe fastening clips on each lid that ensure safety during heavy winds.

  • We recommend replacing your filter pads once a year.

  • When properly sized, paired, and registered online, this product qualifies for the Clear Water Guarantee.

  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration