Koi Net Sock - 48"

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While trying to catch a koi fish, you need to be really careful that the process doesn’t do any harm to this harmless creature. Koi Net Sock-48” helps you in catching fishes with proper care, while also releasing them without harm. At Everything Koi, we carry latest pond products to make work easier for you.

Key Features Of Koi Net Sock - 48”

With our Koi Net Sock, you can safely transfer or remove your valuable fish for the required purpose. This  48” Net Sock gives you plenty of room for moving even a large-sized Koi, with minimum hassle. This is a perfect tool to transfer your koi for medical treatment in a bowl or an inspection tank. Some other features include:

  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Handle
  • 48” Long Soft Mesh Sock
  • 8” Diameter Ring
  • …and more!

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Koi are sensitive creatures that need proper care and healthy environment to survive in. At Everything Koi, we make sure that any koi care product we sell here are reasonably priced, and Koi Net Sock is just one of the many products we stock. We have a team of experts available to assist you with any product you are looking to purchase. Our intuitive online shopping platform is SSL certified and any confidential data is totally concealed. Shop from us to enjoy a great peace of mind.

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