PondShark Net

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Instead of using a separate set of scrapers, rakes and nets for cleaning up a pond, it can be combined into one single tool. This helps greatly in clearing away string algae or filamentous algae. One can also get rid of fish-fly corpses floating near the shore. At Everything Koi, we offer a PondSharkto make the job easier for you. Our products have undergone quality testing to last long.

Key Features Of PondShark 

The  Net is a perfect tool for carry out cleaning and maintenance of ponds. Some of the key features of the set include:

  • Telescoping Handle 
  • Contoured PondShark Tines
  • Sturdy Net
  • Durable And Tough Poly-fiber Head
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy To Handle
  • …and more!

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PondShark has a 5' Handle

Pond Shark Pro has 8' Handle

At Everything Koi, we know the importance of taking proper care, when it comes to maintaining koi ponds. We offer a wide array of maintenance tools and products at the most reasonable rates in the market. We are not just an online store, but a close friend to anyone who need assistance with koi pond care. Feel free to call us for any details you may need regarding the product.

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