Water Hyacinth, Bundle of 6

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Water Hyacinth, Bundle of 6

Variety: Water Hyacinth 

Quantity: Bundle of 6

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Water Hyacinth is a floating plant that sits on top of the water. Water Hyacinth’s gets all its nutrients directly from the water making it a great plant to combat algae. They have dark green leaves with a light purple or light blue flower. The water hyacinth provides great shade and shelter for your fish and the roots also provide flirtation for your pond. 

Water Hyacinth is a fast-growing plant that can form thick mats that cover the entire surface of your pond. It is very important to control the growth of water hyacinth. If water hyacinth forms thick mats that cover your whole pond it will decrease the amount of oxygen in your pond which can be deadly for your fish. Remove Water Hyacinth as needed when over growing accusers.