ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 RDF Filter

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ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 RDF Filter

RDF’s or Rotary Drum Filters remove solid waste from water with a fine mesh screen. The fine mesh screen traps waste particles, while allowing water to flow through. Sensors tell the control box when it’s time to rotate and clean the filter.

During the cleaning cycle, the control box rotates the drum and activates the high pressure spray bar. The spray bar removes the trapped waste from the fine mesh screen and directs it into the stainless steel waste tray.

The ProfiDrum Eco is positioned for the professional hobbyist who does not opt for a stainless steel system but will not cut back on the durability and reliability of his or her investment. Therefore, the critical components are (just like the ProfiDrum Stainless) made of stainless steel 316. The housing of the ProfiDrum Eco is created with economical PolyProylene (PP). The filters are covered with industrial filter panels with a woven stainless steel mesh of 70 microns. On request, different mesh sizes are certainly possible as well as nylon mesh. 

The ProfiDrum Stainless-series includes a control box and high-pressure pump for an effective and efficient cleaning cycle. 

Prodfidrum Eco 45/40

Filtration Specs

Max Flow Rate: 6,604 GPH

Drum Size (Diameter x Length): 17.7" x 15.7"

Water Adjustable Height: 15.7"


Body Length: 29.5"

Body Width: 20.4"

Body Height: 17.7"

Cover Height: 5.5"

Total Length: 29.5"

Total Height: 23.2"


Inputs: 3

Input Size: 4"

Outputs: 2

Output Size: 4"

Waste Output Size: 3"