Atlantic TidalWave Pump

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At Everything Koi, Atlantic Tidal Wave PAF-Series is one of the best series of pond pumps to ensure that your pond is at its cleanest state and is convenient for your aquatic life.

Key Features of Atlantic Tidal Wave PAF Pump

The Atlantic Tidal Wave PAF-Series is made with special features which comprise Energy Efficiency and Corrosion Free aspects. Other features of this product include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Fiber Reinforced Vortex Impeller
  • Its Light Weight
  • Corrosion Resistant in An Aquatic Environment Or In Moisture
  • Removable Intake Screen
  • Can Be Converted To 1-1/4" Handling Capacity
  • … and more!

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At Everything Koi, we do not only ensure that you are happy with Atlantic Tidal Wave PAF-Series Pumps, we also have this pump to be versatile for your use. We supply aquatic pumps that are capable of remaining durable in all regions under variable temperatures and they have a long life.

Our inventory includes pumps that have auto-cut thermal protection and one should be careful that the pump is all the time submerged under water for maximum protection against malfunctions. If you notice overheating sometimes, our technicians are more than happy to check whether there is clogging and do the needful.

For those who have waterfalls in their home compounds or hotel resorts, Atlantic Tidal Wave PAF-Series Pumps are as good for waterfalls as well. They do all the jobs that a pond-cleaner can do to ensure your waterfall flows properly and is clean all the time.

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