Pvc Hand Saw - 13"

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PVC Hand Saw - 13"

PVC pipes feature a smooth lining. This reduces water flow resistance and maintains the correct water pressure until it reaches the intended destination. These pipes also have leak-free joints and are invulnerable to external and internal corrosion. These are some of the reasons why PVC pipes are installed in a wide range of water features. If you are installing these pipes and need to shorten the length of certain pieces, look no further than Everything Koi. We carry stellar installation equipment such as the PVC Hand Saw - 13".

Key Features Of PVC Hand Saw - 13"

When you purchase the PVC Hand Saw - 13", you can benefit from the following features:

  • 13-Inch Premium Steel Blade
  • Extremely Durable
  • Great Cutting Strength
  • One Piece Bi-Material Ergonomic Handle For Better Comfort
  • Heavy Duty Screw That Secures Blade To Handle Assembly
  • ... and more!

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