OASE Bitron C

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  • Bitronic C UV Clarifiers, with patented self-cleaning technology, provide high level efficiency due to longer water dwell times (time in which the water is in contact with UV light).

  • Features like irradiation capacity, water dwell time and thorough mixing help to clean the green out of water of the pond.

  • Optimize water flow through the UVC chamber with adjustable flow controls.

  • Safely confirm that the UVC is working with the visual inspection window at the top of the filter.

  • Quick release provides easy UV unit opening and closing for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass.

  • Automatic cleaning rotor continuously glides around the quartz glass tube and prevents debris from settling, minimizing cleaning time.

  • Bitron C UV Clarifiers are best suited for working in conjunction with OASE flow-through filters, BioSmart and BioTec.

  • The Bitron C 55 includes a 55W UVC bulb and 15 ft. power cord.

  • The Bitron C 110 includes a 110W UVC bulb and 15 ft. power cord.

  • When properly sized, paired, and registered online, this product qualifies for the Clear Water Guarantee.

  • Included 2 year warranty