Atlantic 10 Watt Sol White Led Light Ring

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The Atlantic 10 Watt SOL white LED light ring is designed to be submersible, thus bringing out the beauty of your pond with its soft white LED light. Add life to your pond or fountain with this durable and long lasting white LED light ring. The Atlantic 10 Watt LED light ring is available at Everything Koi at a competitive price.

Key Features Of Atlantic 10 Watt SOL White LED Light Ring

This solid brass bodied light ring makes it possible for you to continue enjoying your fountain or pond when the sun sets. The brass body dampens the heat that it produces and also gives the LED light a classy look that adds beauty to your water feature. Here are some features of the Atlantic 10 watt LED light ring:

  • Soft White LED Light.
  • 12 Volt AC Thus Low Power Consumption
  • Solid Brass Body With Oil Finish
  • 20 Foot Power Cable
  • Quick-Connection Plugs
  • … and more!

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