Atlantic Set Of 4 - 2w Sol White Led Compact Spotlight W/ 20w Transformer & Splitter

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Do you want to connect up to 4 white LED lights to a single controller to enable you operate them from a single point? The Atlantic set of 4-2W SOL white LED compact spot light w/20W transformer and splitter will get the job done easily. More light in your water feature means a more vibrant landscape around your home or office. Visit the Everything Koi online shop and get this compact spotlight at a bargain price.

Key Features of Atlantic Set of 4 - 2W SOL White LED Compact Spotlight w/ 20W Transformer & Splitter

This compact spotlight with a set of 4 white LED lights can transform your water feature in ways that with amaze you. The complete set means that you can light up your backyard or water feature with this ready-to-install set of four lights. Here are some other features of this product.

  • Can be used underwater or above water
  • 12V input Voltage
  • 45 degrees beam angle
  • Includes 4 way splitter for easier connection
  • …… and many more!

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