Dwi Enviro Blue Dye F40

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Liquid dye formulations are becoming popular in the world of lake water treatments these days. These products have a strong reputation of effectively reducing light penetration while also enhancing the natural beauty of the pond's water. Products like the DWI Enviro Blue Dye F40 is a perfect example of a product that can achieve these results.

Key Features Of DWI Enviro Blue Dye F40

The Enviro Blue Dye F40 from DWI is a popular choice for pond owners who are looking forward to adding water coloring and shading to their ponds. Aside from giving the pond a natural blue color look and feel, you can also enjoy the following features:

  • Can Be Used in Different Aquatic Environments
  • Ideal for Salt Water Bays and Fresh Water Too
  • Screens Excess Sunlight
  • High Concentration and Solubility
  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Non-Toxic
  • 1 Gallon Treats 1 Million Gallons of Water
  • … and more!

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