Dwi Sludge Reducer Pellets F51

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Sludge can go deep into pond water and affect the once healthy pond environment. With the introduction of products that can help digest this sludge and all other wastes in the water, this is no longer a problem. At Everything Koi, we are offering a product made for this purpose – the DWI Sludge Reducer Pellets F51.

Key Features Of DWI Sludge Reducer Pellets F51

The F51 Sludge Reducer from DWI is effective in digesting high volumes of wastes and sludge. It comes in pellet form which can easily be used to treat the water accordingly. It contains specialized bacterial strains that help digest sludge inside the pond. Other features of the product are:

  • Super Concentrated Pellets
  • Manages Sludge Bed Effectively
  • Contains an Organic Catalyst
  • Has a Broad Trace Mineral Base
  • Eliminates Odor from the Water
  • Eliminates Contaminants
  • Reduces Organic Waste
  • Digests Sludge Including those Found Deep in the Pond
  • … and more!

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Everything Koi strongly believes that the best lake water treatment products need not be expensive. With this philosophy, we have served the needs of pond owners who are on a tight budget but have always wanted the best for their pond's environment. With the guarantee that you will get clean water through our lake water treatments, you can beautify your pond without a sweat.

For inquiries about DWI Sludge Reducer Pellets F51, do not hesitate to call us today at (908) 420-9908! We have a team of experts who will answer your questions about all of our products.