Greenclean Fx Liquid Algaecide

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Koi needs a good supply of oxygen to be able to grow and develop. Algae blooms can hinder the oxygen supply especially at night when it starts to consume most of the oxygen. With a bit of effort, it is easy to maintain an algae-free pond. You only need to have the GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide from Everything Koi to do this. Read along to get to know more about this product.

Key Features Of GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide

GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide is a commercial strength liquid algaecide to treat and control algae growth in koi ponds. It is highly effective but an affordable solution to tame algae blooms. Other key features of this product are:

  • Eradicates Green Water Algae
  • Sinks To The Bottom
  • Does Not Disturb Ph Levels
  • Works Up To 48 Hours After Initial Application
  • Effective Against String And Planktonic Algae
  • May Be Used As A Maintenance Once Algae Is Controlled

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Since our inception, Everything Koi understands how important it is to have quality products for our customers’ koi ponds. We are koi enthusiasts too so we want nothing but the best for your pet koi. The GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide is a great product to promote a cleaner and healthier pond environment. We have it on our inventory at an affordable price. Shop safely for this product on our SSL-encrypted website and experience a seamless and faster checkout.  

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