Greenclean Granular Algaecide

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A little bit of algae is unavoidable. Having a lot of algae blooms, however, is another story. You see, algae may seem harmless but they do endanger the koi. It consumes oxygen at night, naturally, when there are so many of them on your pond, it will get most of the oxygen supply depriving the fish.

Balancing the ecosystem in your pond can be done by controlling the growth of algae. GreenClean Granular Algaecide from Everything Koi can aid in this purpose.

Key Features Of GreenClean Granular Algaecide

The GreenClean Granular Algaecide disrupts algae cells on contact. By fighting the algae blooms, oxygen is released into the water. Other key features of this product are:

  • Can Be Utilized As A Curative Water Treatment
  • No Harsh Chemicals On Its Formulation
  • Controls String Algae Growth
  • Eco-Friendly And OMRI Listed
  • Great Alternative To Copper

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