Summit Barley Straw Planter

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Maintaining a clean and clear pond is essential in keeping your koi fishes healthy. The Summit Barley Straw Planter from Everything Koi is an attractive way to improve pond water quality. It can treat the pond for 6 months and will not harm any fish or plants.  

Key Features Of Summit Barley Straw Planter

The Summit Barley Straw Planter improves the water quality in many ways. The barley straw will naturally decompose once submerged in water. This natural decomposition will produce humic acid. When mixed with sunlight and oxygen, it will keep the water pristine. Barley straw will also keep a healthy population of tiny creatures that is important in maintaining a balanced food chain within the pond. Aside from a clearer and healthier water, the Summit Barley Planter also gives the following benefits:

  • Works As Natural Water Filter
  • Hidden Styrofoam Ring To Help With Stability And Floatation
  • Constructed With Natural Barley Straw
  • Safe For Both Fish And Plants
  • Can Showcase Beautiful Plants Without The Risk Of Koi Nibbling
  • Natural-Looking Planters To Clear The Pond Inconspicuously
  • Filtration Lasts For 6 Months

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