When we talk about Japanese Nishikigoi, we must acknowledge Koi Farm Breeders' efforts to entertain the world with new, beautiful, and Unique Koi fish. Ikarashi Koi Farm is one of these successful and well known Koi Farm among Koi lovers around the world.


Owner Name: Toshinobu Ikarashi

Area : Yamakoshi, Nagaoka

Raising Area : 50,000 sq meters

Production capacity: 75000 pcs per annum

Mud Ponds: 80 Mud ponds


Mr. Kazuto Ikarashi laid the foundation of Ikarashi Koi Farm in 1962. He was famous for his GoSanke as his Koi fish grows very big and had been a champion in various Koi competitions in Japan. Mr. Kazuto Passed away in 2016. Mr. Toshinobu Ikarashi is the current owner of Ikarashi Koi Farm and is putting all his efforts into taking his Koi fish to more heights.


Breeding Variety


Ikarashi Koi Farm is giving it all to keep up to their clients' expectations and their slogan of "Koi is the Best". This Koi Farm is famous for its various breeds like,



  • Kawarimono



Besides these famous koi varieties, Toshinobu Ikarashi is keen on breeding some new and unique varieties, which shows his intent to do something big in the future. The koi lovers around the globe well acknowledge Ikarashi Koi Farm's koi fish because of its Big size and Beautiful colors.


Achievement and Success - Ikarashi Koi Farm


Koi lovers have been witnessing Ikarashi Koi Farm's Big Koi as a champion in numerous Championships. Moreover, Ikarshi koi Farm has a big number of Mud ponds that very few other Koi Farms have in the region. They are also dominating with brilliant quality parent stock of 100 pcs. And yearly production capacity is 75000, which is quite good enough to be recognized by koi lovers globally.


Ikarashi Koi Farm is a must-visit place for those who love to have big and colorful koi fish. They are very hospitable as well to their clients.

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